“Tough times ahead” as culchie forced to extend Tinder radius

Peadar Flynn from Co. Leitrim has had to broaden his horizons as he has shifted and/or rode the last of the girls within a 20 mile radius of him.

The 24 year-old explained to Eritas how, although he feels accomplished in his local town, he needs to stay in the game: “Shifting Caitlín Burke was a mixed bag of emotions. She was the only girl I’d matched on Tinder who I hadn’t shifted, and now that that box has been checked, I’ve run out of birds to swipe right on” said an emotional Mr. Flynn.

“I have therefore decided to extend my radius from 20 miles to 40 km. I am also switching to the metric system in the hopes of pulling modern women.”. Mr. Flynn made the announcement to friends and family last week before going public with the decision.

“I even used my Christmas money to pay for Tinder premium or plus or whatever it’s called. From what I hear it’ll make me even more of a catch for the ladies. I have big plans, so ladies, if you’re feeling loose, not tight, swipe right!”


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