American Tourist en route to Connemara looking for “the craic”

Samuel Patrick O’Lafferty from New England has just bought his Irish Rail tickets from Heuston Station to Galway and plans on arriving in Connemara this evening.

“Yeah dude, I was in Copper’s last night and everybody there was talking about like the ‘craic’ they had in Connemara when they were teenagers” said Mr. O’Lafferty. “I’m just really curious about what kind of drug it is, because nobody here will tell me – they all just laugh at my face when I ask – do you know what it is?”.

Like Mr. O’Lafferty, thousands of “Irish” Americans flock to Ireland seeking to discover their heritage, see what life is like across the pond, and ask the first person they meet if they knew their great-great-grandfather Mick.

The holy grail of the pilgrimage to Ireland, however, is finding where “the craic” is. According to Irish mythology, the term “craic” originates from the old Gaelic term “Póg mo thóin” which roughly translates to “kiss the throne”, meaning find the High King of Ireland. This was modernised to modern Irish and now is used as “craic”, and is the most sought-after commodity by Americans in Ireland.

Eritas cannot give away the secrets of “craic” over the internet, there are people on here who cannot be trusted.

Follow Eritas to one day find out about ” the craic”.



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