US to sell off its gold medals to raise money for Trump’s deportation

President of Team USA’s Olympic committee Kyle Goodwin, announced in a recent press release that all the medals acquired by America’s athletes will be auctioned off in a bid to raise money to deport Donald Trump.

Speaking to Eritas News Mr. Goodwin said “We currently have 69 medals, 26 of which are gold. These have an estimated value of around $4.7 million, which is close to what is needed to pay off whatever is necessary to deport Donald.”

Although most athletes are more than happy to give their medals up for such a good cause, some competitors such as Michael Phelps have been hesitant to let go of their hard-earned bling. In fact Mr. Phelps has been biting his medals in an attempt to keep them.

Phelps doing everything he can to keep his gold

Rival candidate Hilary Clinton has also chimed in on the effort, claiming that she sent out emails to the athletes to encourage them to join the cause. Such emails “could not be found”.

It is hoped that the money will be raised before the election, and there has already been an accumulation of interest from wealthy people. The auction is planned to be held online sometime next month. We would urge everyone to participate and donate. For the love of god.

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