Failing satire website to resume posting despite lack of interest

Satire website Eritas News is back in business after being in hibernation for a few weeks. The “hilarious” website is returning to the scene after “huge” demand, with posts commencing very soon.

Eritas spokesperson and janitor Ivan Itchyarse announced via Snapchat “Eritas is back boyyyss 👍” with a picture of his genitals in the background.

The news has resonated around the world, prompting other news agencies to respond.

Satire news channel, Fox News said “We’re glad to finally have some competition. We’ve honestly stopped trying to look stupid because there’s nobody beating us to the punch. Today’s a good day. Vote Trump.”

Conversely, other satirical news agencies like RTE said “Blah blah blah Marty Morrisey, blah blah blah Ryan Tubridy… Blah blah blah Enda Kenny.”

From all us at Eritas news, we look forward to posting once more.


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