5 ways to get rid of Buzzfeed posts on Facebook – #3 might surprise you!

1. Stop using social media

You should really consider giving it up. I mean, it’s not like you get anything useful out of it… All you really do is just waste countless hours on it – think about where you’d be in life right now if you weren’t reading this. You probably can’t because you’ll return to Facebook within a matter of milliseconds anyway.

2. Unfriend people who post Buzzfeed content

What kind of people share Buzzfeed posts? We all know what kind. Wasters. You don’t need them in your life! As pointed out in #1, we’ve already established you piss away enough of your time as it is. Get a job or a cat or something. Try cocaine. The world is your oyster.

3. Number 3 won’t surprise you

Haha fucker we got you! Bet you feel belittled and weak. That’s right. Submit to the hilarity of satire.

5. Learn to count

Adn spel.


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