Future Call of Duty to be set in bogs of Offaly

Publisher Activision has teased on their YouTube channel that a future Call of Duty (CoD) game will be set in the bogs of Co. Offaly.

While the 30 second video didn’t include many details, it has left thousands of gamers speculating as to what the franchise has come to.

Eritas Gaming Editor Plei Stayshun-Fore writes: “I think that the Offaly setting will definitely be interesting. I presume we’ll have bare-knuckle boxing in the story mode, which will add authenticity to the game. Also, I believe the developers at Infinity Ward will use the graphics engine to its fullest potential by adding hyper-realistic turf cutting missions. I’m honestly super hyped about this!”

Gamers worldwide have also been giving their thoughts on what the multiplayer will be like: “Well Offaly’s a big shithole, like war-torn Syria so there’s more than likely gonna be loads of open landscapes for snipers. We’re hoping to get some neat features as well, such as the ability to ride on cows as vehicles, climb up trees and torch old cars.”

A farmer’s son from Ferbane said that some people from the developer’s studio came and created 3D models of his father and his cattle for the new game. “Yeah a bunch of lads came and started scanning everything, saying it’s for a new game or something. I dunno, we had fuck all to do so we said yeah.”

Until the game approaches its release date, Activision will keep a closed lid on all information about the upcoming game.

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