Silicon Valley start-up launch app to help plan mass shootings

Californian start-up GunnTech have launched a new app on both iOS and Android, letting  users plan their next mass shooting.

“The killer app” allows users to prepare their next massacre with ease, with many features of the app designed with the user in mind. CEO Alex Grays explains the reasoning behind his latest piece of work: “We saw a rise in the popularity of idiotic killings amongst both younger and older people, which was a clear give-away that there was a gap in the market for an app like this. Since the people using it are obviously morons, we needed to make the user interface absolutely fool-proof.”

When the app is launched, the user is asked to select if they’re a “terrorist” or  “mentally unstable” (if you sync the app with your Google account, it automatically selects terrorist if you’re not white). The next option is your choice of weapon: the app is connected to all major gun retail stores across the US such as Walmart, Amazon and Ebay, allowing incredibly easy gun access for all.

Mr. Grays said that he hopes the app will make planning the logistics of a massacre completely obsolete. The app also has a premium option (only 99c for a limited time), allowing paying users to have access to CCTV cameras, police radio and nuclear weapons. “We also hope to expand the functionality of the app even more – our team is working on adding more gun retailers, more user anonymity and a Share to Facebook button for all your friends and family to see.”

“With such a rich history of shootings in America, we have a big responsibility to give our users the highest quality of killing. We hope this app helps us spread our US culture globally  – while shootings are a tragedy, we’re greedy and don’t really have any shame in making money off this.”

The app already has a few notable investors and backers, namely Donald Trump, the NRA and ISIS, and with a 4.5/5 star rating on both platforms, the app is expected to come out with a bang.

Type “eritasnews” to avail of a 50% discount off the premium version.


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