Gang war between rival Gaeltachts escalates as death toll rises to 14

Violence between Coláiste Lurgan and Coláiste Pádraig has reached a new level after an exchange between the two last Wednesday night. This incident brings the death toll up to 14, while the number of injuries is estimated to be 29.

[Translated from Irish] “It’s really getting out of hand. We cannot keep retaliating every time they provoke us, we’re loosing lives, and more importantly, fund money.” said leader of Lurgan, Commander Príomhoide Mac Phearsaigh. “We must try broker a truce with our enemy, this has been going on for too long.”

The two sides exchanged fire after it was discovered Coláiste Pádraig were copying a dance video Lurgan had uploaded in June of 2013. Two teens with balaclavas driving in a 2003 Honda Civic conducted a drive-by near the grounds of Lurgan, killing 3 and injuring 5.

This has not been the only action happening in the recent past, with both sides refusing to back down.

The worst incident happened last August after it was discovered 6 Lurgan members had intruded into Coláiste Pádraig. When the Lurgan Six were found, the group were filmed at knifepoint in a hostage-style video, showing the Pádraig flag in the background and then executed.

Unfortunately, there is currently no end in sight for the violence: [Translated from Irish] “Those fuckers wanna mess with us yeah? We’ll show those pricks who they’re fucking with!” announced General Cinnire Mac Diarmada to a rally of 100 students. “We will burn them out with Molotov cocktails, and then we will send them back to their homes somewhere in Co. Meath! Comrades, prepare yourselves for the next raid!”

Both sides are currently on full alert, making the situation in Connemara very tense. It is understood that beaches somewhere on the Aran Islands have been converted into training facilities for both gangs.

Local Gardaí have been hesitant to intervene: “Look, they’re just kids having a bit of craic, so who are we to spoil their fun? They’ll all be hugging each other and promising to keep in touch by the end of their course anyway, there’s really no point in us trying to protect their lives… Let them make their own mistakes!” explained Garda Pól Ó Murchada.

Eritas News will keep you up to date on the situation.


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