NASA to re-direct search for intelligent life

Following recent events around the world, NASA spokesperson Julie Daniels has announced that the organisation has decided to redirect its search for intelligent life.

Speaking to Eritas, Daniels said “Normally we scan the cosmos searching for any cues of intelligent life – maybe a ping from a distant galaxy or maybe data gathered by the Hubble Telescope viewing exoplanets. However in light of the last while, management has decided we need to use our resources elsewhere.”

“After seeing those gobshites from England and Russia fighting each other, the shooting in Orlando and a growing number of Trump supporters, it became obvious something had to be done.”

NASA plans to turn the Hubble Telescope around to search for intelligent people on Earth, and to use the ISS to trick stupid people into thinking it’s ISIS. So far $2 billion has been dedicated to the initiative.

“We hope to find someone with a bit of cop on and if we’re lucky, some common sense. It seems to be a rare commodity nowadays.”

It is expected that intelligent life should be detected within the next decade, however this is hopeful.

Stay tuned to Eritas for more.


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