Local man to finally retire atrocious Borat impersonation after 10 long years

Galway native Peadar McNamara has announced to all his friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace and Bebo that as of the first of next month, he will be retiring the “Hi my name-a Borat. I likes you very mach” greeting he has been using on women since the film premiered in November 06.

Speaking on his decision, Peadar said “It won’t be easy. It has become a part of who I ams. Fuck, even now I’m talking like him, it’s hard to control.” “My dog vagine will be having a tough time getting used to his new name, which I have yet to pick. Also need to file the paperwork for chaining my son’s name from Bilo to Billy. Tough times.”

Peadar has tried to begin a #byeBorat trend on social media sites, however it has only been used by himself and a 14 year old Russian boy who probably misspelled something.

Friends and family of Peadar (well, anyone that still talks to him is considered a friend), have all shown signs of relief now that he’s “copped on t’fuck”. “That gobshite would make Monday mornings at work a living hell” complained co-worker Stacy. “He’d constantly be saying ‘It is NOT the weekend’ and expecting a reaction. Honestly I’d just wanna hit him a box across the jaw”. Peadar’s mother Mary was also quite honest in her coments: “I was literally this close to disowning the knobhead. We were planning on moving to a different county and not tell him because every time he comes home he says he’s ‘King in de castle, king in de castle’. It’s just not funny Peadar, shut up.”

We wish Peadar all the best and hope he stays strong in this time of withdrawal.


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